XI years

(c) Photo of Cyanomitra oritis by T.S.Osiejuk

Department of Behavioural Ecology is a research group at the Faculty of Biology of Adam Mickiewicz University established by Tomasz Osiejuk and Piotr Tryjanowski (now in Institute of Zoology, University of Life Sciences, Poznań) on 1st December 2004.

In our research we focus on several aspects of behavioural ecology. Most particularly we are interested in acoustic communication and signalling, sexual selection, long-term changes of life-history traits and habitat selection. We work mostly on birds but we do not hesitate to expand to other taxa, which may be useful for testing hypotheses and have nervous system developed.
Recently, we focused mostly on such model species like buntings (Emberiza spp.) and corncrake (Crex crex). Currently, we study birds in Europe (Poland, Norway, Sweden, Belarus), Africa (Cameroon) and Australia. We cooperate with several researchers and students from Czech Republic, France, Australia, Norway, Russia, Spain, Slovakia, UK and USA.