Evolution in Africa everyday

Academic year 2016/17 Because I will be in Cameroon till 15th of December 2016, any change of the seminar's program will be presented directly on our Institute web page here. The program presented below was updated on 2nd November 2016.

SEMINARS ON EVOLUTION, ECOLOGY & BEHAVIOUR (earlier so called ZEBinars) are organized by three units of our faculty: Dept. of Behavioral Ecology, Laboratory of Evolutionary Biology and Laboratory of Evolutionary Ecology.

Seminars are organized typically on Wednesdays (12:15) in room Mała Aula, with some exceptions, from time to time.

Organizers: Tomasz Osiejuk, Jacek Radwan and Lechosław Kuczyński

05.10.2016 @ 2nd Marcin Antczak Award ceremony and special ornithological lecture by awarded Jiří Reif (Charles University) (Room: Mała Aula, 12:00-14:00) - Lecture: 'Mechanisms of speciation in two nightingale species: insights from ecology, behavior and genetics'

(116) 12.10.2016 @ MATEUSZ KONCZAL (Evolutionary Biology Group, AMU, Poznań) - Czego możemy się dowiedzieć badając genom biegusa łyżkodziobego?

(117) 26.10.2016 @
ZOFIA PROKOP (Institute of Environmental Sciences, Jagiellonian University, Kraków) - Sex, genetic variation, and multiple paradoxes

(118) 23.11.2016 @
ŁUKASZ GREWLING (Aeropalynology Lab, AMU, Poznań) - Spatio-temporal dynamics of pollen in the air: the role of production, release and dispersion

(119) 30.11.2016 @
MARCIN DZIUBA (Department of Hydrobiology, AMU, Poznań) - Daphnia against climate change - old threats, new quality

(120) 07.12.2016 @
TOBIASZ DRUCIAREK (University of Arkansas) - Mites as vectors transmitting the Rose rosette virus

(121) 14.12.2016 @
ŁUKASZ MICHALCZYK (Department of Entomology, Institute of Zoology, Jagiellonian University, Kraków) - To be or not to be a slag? A lesson from flour beetles

(122) 04.01.2017 @
JAN JEDLIKOWSKI (Biological and Chemical Research Centre, University of Warsaw) - The adaptive value of habitat preferences from a multi-scale spatial perspective: a case study with rallids

(123) 18.01.2017 @
MIROSŁAWA DABERT (Laboratory of Molecular Biology Techniques, AMU, Poznań) - Molekularna rewolucja w biomonitoringu, czyli plusy i minusy analizy eDNA

(124) 22.02.2017 @
DAVID RICHARDSON (University of East Anglia, Norwich) - Telomeres as biomarkers of cost and quality in the Seychelles warbler

(125) 01.03.2017 @
KONRAD HAŁUPKA (Dept. Behavioral Ecology, Wrocław Univ.) - Information flow in a network of dispersed signallers-receivers

(126) 29.03.2017 @
RAFAŁ ZWOLAK (Dept. Systematic Zoology, AMU Poznań) - How individual variation in seed-dispersing animals matters for plants

(127) 05.04.2017 @
STANISŁAW RUSIECKI (Dept. Behavioral Ecology, AMU Poznań) - The meaning of beauty. On the ornaments of the bluethroat

(128) 12.04.2017 @
KARL PHILIPS (Evolutionary Biology Group, AMU, Poznań) - The host-parasite arms race in guppies


(129) 17.05.2017 @
KRZYSZTOF KOŚCIŃSKI (Institute of Anthropology, AMU Poznań) - Dobór płciowy a ewolucja kobiecych piersi

(130) 24.05.2017 @
PAVEL LINHART (Dept. Behavioral Ecology, AMU Poznań) - Is it good to sound different? Why and how to study information about individual identity in vocalizations?

(131) 31.05.2017 @
WIESŁAW BABIK (Molecular and Behavioral Ecology Group, Jagiellonian University, AMU Poznań) - Balancing selection facilities introgression of newt immune genes

Dates available: 07.06., 14.06.